The Red Tea Detox Review Does Red Tea Detox Program Works Or NOT?

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The Red Tea Detox Review Does Red Tea Detox Program Works Or NOT? How To Use The Red Tea Detox Recipe To Achieve a Massive Weight Loss Results? Don’t Buy The Red Tea Detox eBook PDF Before Read My The Red Tea Detox Review

The Red Tea Detox Review

Detoxification of the body: The Red Tea Detox Program to rid the body of toxins to the use of food systems and foods that support human health and even works to treat some cases of disease.

These programs can not be separated from fasting in alternative medicine and away from solid foods.

There are many types of these programs:

– Drug detoxification program.
– Alcohol detoxification program.
– Caffeine detoxification program.
– Nicotine detoxification program.
– Fasting Alternative Medicine.
– The general program for detoxification.

The Red Tea Detox

The Red Tea Detox Results

The human body enters many toxins daily through the exposure of chemicals, pollution of water and air, radiation, nuclear energy, the use of drugs of all kinds, including sedatives, eating unhealthy foods and sugars heavily, and thus increase human injury in many diseases, including: Blood vessels, arthritis, allergies, obesity, skin problems, and a host of common symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, cough pain, stomach disorders. The weakness of the immune system and all this directly related to the entry of toxins into our bodies and poisoning occurs in the human body, either internally or externally, the poisoning is the external that enters the human body from the environment in which they live either by inhaling these toxins or direct contact such as dealing with chemicals that are found in Foods or beverages such as contaminated water or drugs and drugs.

The internal toxins in those that occur inside the human body through the natural functions of the body through cellular processes or biochemistry and we find that free particles are the toxins produced by the processes of biochemistry, and comes poisoning when the body fails to balance the production of these toxins and success in Disposal, which appears in the form of infections of tissues, cells, microbes of all kinds, bacteria and parasites is the most obvious example of the occurrence of internal poisoning. Poisoning can occur with immediate and rapid symptoms such as exposure to pesticides or taking drugs. Symptoms appear only in the long term, such as exposure to Asbestos, which leads to lung cancer. The natural organs in the human body that get rid of toxins are represented in: – Respiratory system: Lung – trachea – sinuses – nose. Gastrointestinal system: liver, gallbladder, colon, stomach, intestines. – Urinary system: kidney – bladder – urethra channel. – Skin: sweat – tears – sebaceous glands – “Sebaceous glands” – lymphatic system: lymph channels – lymph nodes.

The human body deals with toxins in one of three ways: neutral – conversion – disposal, and these words are translated through the processes of the body: Many antioxidants neutralize free radicals, the liver converts many toxic substances to harmless factors. While the blood carries waste to get rid of them as the liver carries waste through the yellow to the intestine where it is also disposed. And excreted from the human body in the form of secretion of sweat not only detoxification on all that is organic, but also extends to the psychological and mental toxins in the expression of emotions, especially the internal frustrations that give rise to man as a result of pressures that may pass in his daily life, as well as anger, fear And replace them with tolerance, love, joy and hope will rid the person of psychological poison.

The Red Tea Detox

* Can everyone follow The Red Tea Detox program? In most cases, anyone can follow The Red Tea Detox program and cleanse their body. Detoxification and cleaning of the body, including the third side of the triangle, are nutrition functions: building the body, balancing.

– Symptoms of poisoning and its signs: Headache cough back pain recurrent colds coughing nose drowsiness fatigue chest ache joint pain eye irritation nasal hernia insomnia nausea nausea rash throat congestion dizziness sensation weakness immune system indigestion dyspepsia sinus tension neck anxiety mood changes bad breath Lack of lust for food Depression high fat (obesity) constipation

– Disorders and diseases related to human exposure to toxins: Acne Obesity Prostate diseases Hemorrhoids Infection B: menstrual disorders Pimples Bacteria Vaginal infections Eczema Viruses Varicose veins Sensities Mushrooms Diabetes Arthritis Parasites Gastric ulcers Chest crisis Worms Gastritis Staphylococcus aureus Fibromyalgia Pancreatitis Colitis Cancer Mental disorders Hemorrhoids White water Alzheimers (forgetfulness) Cirrhosis of the liver Colds Aging Epidemics Pneumonia Parkinson’s disease Lymphatic lymphoma Hub syndrome drug addiction atherosclerosis sinusitis migraine heart kidney stones gallstones, kidney diseases, high blood gout stroke headaches nervous disease pressure

What Is The Red Tea Detox Program

The Red Tea Detox Program is defined as the process of cleaning the body of toxins by favoring, transferring or disposing of them. Most of these toxins come from our diet, drug abuse, and the environmental factors that surround us. Poisoning may be severe or chronic. Internally, toxins come from oxidizing fats, cholesterol, and free radicals.

On the functional side of the organs of the body, indigestion, lazy colorectal, lack of functioning of the liver efficiently or kidney or respiratory system or even the skin all add and increase toxins body The program includes the elimination of toxins and change the lifestyle of the person and his diet, which reduces the consumption of toxins and increase disposal While avoiding chemicals found in food and other sources of processed food, sugars, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and many drugs. The detoxification program involves drinking more water (pure water), increasing fiber intake of fruits and vegetables, and avoiding food and food systems that cause congestion. More Food In Her Poisons Less Food In Her Toxins Drugs Vegetables Fat Fruits Candy Herbs Nuts Water Rice Fried Foods When Does A Person Follow The Poisoning Program? The person follows a program to rid his body of toxins based on two factors:

A – when a person feels the beginning of any disorders.

B – or according to the seasons of the year: spring – autumn – winter – summer. For example, when a person feels cold, he or she must immediately start exercising until the body secrete sweat, enter a sauna or a sauna, drink liquids, take vitamins C and A with immortality, and not eat a heavy meal with some herbs. The detoxification program by seasonal cycle of the year follows (for example):

– Spring: From 7-21 days from 10 March to 15 April one or more of these dietary plans are used: – Lemon-based diet. Fruit – Vegetables. – Fruit juices and vegetables – leafy vegetables. – Herbs with any of the above. – It is possible to rotate with the above to include the program here 3 – 5 days of fasting water.

– Remember to return at some point to the normal diet (almost in the middle).

– Mid-Spring: Three days at the beginning of the moon in May.

– Summer: One week of fruits, vegetables and / or fresh juices, often between June 10 and July 4.

– Last summer: three days of fruit juices and vegetables in August at the beginning of the moon.

– Autumn: 7-10 days September 11 – October 5 – Fasting Grapefruit Eat fruit or juice freshly. – Apple juice and lemon together diluted with water. – Fruits and vegetables fresh or cooked. – fruit juices and fruit vegetables in the morning and afternoon vegetables. – Cereals of pure flour, cooked pumpkin and any other vegetables. – Combination of previous plans. – Diet program for detoxification + herbal program. – Colon cleansing of the toxins with fiber (Psyllium pectin) with enema.

– Mid-Autumn: three days at the end of October and the beginning of November of the juices.

– Winter: a light diet between 10 December – 5 January – one week of brown rice cooked vegetables. Ginger and pepper can be used in soup. – One can exercise, sauna and steam baths. – Then wait until the spring.

Where You Can Buy The Red Tea Detox Program

You Can Buy The Red Tea Detox Program Here , whether at home or work as you can and conditions are ready for the person but it is possible to show some symptoms when following the detoxification program, especially at the end of the first day, such as headache fatigue, all symptoms are an incentive for you to take some rest and spend the day with your family that Be away from her most of the time to keep you busy. On the third day you will feel very much better and you are much better than I was before.


Why use a The Red Tea Detox Recipe?

– for two main reasons: to prevent disease to be more human to reduce the symptoms of diseases organized organized treatment of diseases creative body cleaning stimulate the comfort of members production purification soft weight loss energy saving clean skin clean keep young conscious sense strengthen the internal purity increase the flexibility of the body aware of who is around

* Body of toxins?

– There are several levels of the detoxification program: – Follow a diet free of toxins, which contains: – Eat organic foods whenever possible.

– Drinking water purified with filter. – The presence of a permanent cycle of foods (food rotation), especially allergens such as milk and dairy products and eggs and foods that contain yeast. – Try a combination of food. – Eating natural and seasonal kitchens to include fruits and vegetables Whole grains Legumes Nuts Poultry meat Fresh fish Low dairy products in their fat and fat.

– Cooking in ironware – Estellens Estelle – Glass – Porcelain. – Avoid or minimize as much as possible red meat, processed or processed food or canned sugars – navigator – saturated fat – coffee – alcohol – nicotine. – Avoid taking drugs and instead resort to natural medicine and herbs because it has few side effects compared to drugs and drugs. – The next level of the program for detoxification after food or the deeper level is to eat fresh fruits, vegetables or cooked or grains of pure flour.

There is no bread at this level, baked foods, dairy products, animals or brown rice, which is used for one or two weeks three to four times a day with liquids such as tea.

– The next level depends on fruits and vegetables only, especially leafy vegetables to clean the digestive system and the whole body.

– Then comes the very special level, such as the system “macrobiotic” and food systems that address certain sensitivity. – After fruits and vegetables, fasting or diet comes from liquids, juices, vegetable soup and tea. – The programmatic levels of detoxification are summarized in the following: – Basic diet.

– Daily disposal of toxins that enter the body of drugs and sugars Food fried meat Dairy products and you can maintain this from day to day.

– Fruits and vegetables Grain-crops Flour, dried Nuts, pulses,

– Fresh food in raw form before cooking. – Fruits and vegetables. – Juices and fruits. – fasting (the use of certain juices such as apple juice – carrots or vegetables).

– water. Each level is followed by a person’s health status through medical examination. Dietary analysis Mineral rates Biochemical tests and other necessary tests. Any person can change his food program according to his needs and he can move from level to level.

The colon is one of the most important organs of the body, which should be purified from toxins after ingestion of food in the intestines and leaving a large amount of waste to impede the work of this important member. So some people follow a program dedicated to the colon to get rid of body toxins. – Skin: Another important factor to rid the body of toxins and by stimulating the body to excrete the sweat that comes out of the skin by the exercise activity, which is found another factor interfered with the skin. Aerobic exercise is very important because it improves body metabolism and therefore detoxifies. On the other hand, sports activities increase toxins in the body. It should be accompanied by adequate intake of fluids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, as athletes do.

– Periodic bathing that saves the skin from the semen as well as steam baths and sauna. Massage and massage of the body of the enormous relaxation means it rid the body of psychological and mental toxins and eliminate tension and anxiety. – Rest, relaxation and sleep It is not food, fluids and water that get rid of the body of toxins By practicing relaxation exercises and yoga exercises and the right self you regulate the dynamics of your body.

– Supplements of vitamins and minerals help in the transition periods of a program of food to another, such as vitamins B, especially niacin and minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Antioxidants are also important. Supplements also include basic rates of beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin E and selenium with a concentration on vitamin C. And the recommended amounts in The Red Tea Detox program for some vitamins: Vitamin A = 50,000 units of vitamin C = 8-12 grams of vitamin E 1,000 – 1.200 units.

– Liver This important gland has many functions of metabolism, it needs water and glycogen (stock of glucose) to do its functions to rid the body of toxins and to help him to do his job or multiple functions it needs a diet based on carbohydrates and lower rates of proteins and fats. Rice juices are needed to build vegetables, vitamins B, especially B3, B6, vitamins A and C, vitamin E, and selenium.

– Amino acids such as cysteine ​​and methionine help the body to prevent oxidation and curb heavy metals such as mercury.

– Fiber of the elements and factors important in clearing the body of toxins if used with other items such as two tablespoons of olive oil, it reduces the absorption of fat. – Water cleans the kidneys and skin as it stimulates sweat secretion to get rid of more toxins.

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