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Causes And Effects Of Obesity Essay 2020

Causes And Effects Of Obesity Essay 2020, Obesity is defined as the condition in which the body’s weight increases more than the normal weight, and this occurs as a result of the high level of fat and its accumulation in different areas of the body in a way that exceeds the need of these fats and therefore difficult to absorb all of them.

The causes and effects of Obesity 2020 are many and different, which we will learn about in this article by Red Tea Detox Recipe Blog, in addition to the most important things we can do to reduce it.

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In fact, there is a long talk about the cause and effect of obesity due to its multiplicity and multiplicity, but before we address this it must be pointed out the difference between the concepts of obesity and obesity, despite the great difference between the two terms, but many do not differentiate between them.

Obesity is an increase in muscle masses in the body and not in body weight, and is not considered a disease or a health problem, and we often notice obesity on people who exercise such as iron and bodybuilding as they show an increase in muscle masses clearly. As for obesity, it is a health problem as it means an increase in body fat masses.

People are not classified as obese or not in a random way as we usually do in the gallery of our daily conversations and sessions. Rather, this is calculated according to the body mass that relies on body weight and height precisely to determine whether or not a person is actually obese.

Where weight is divided by the product of squared length, and the number we reach is the rate of obesity or thinnest. The normal range should be between 25 to 29.9 and below it is considered to be thinner, but above that is considered obesity, and the higher the number, the more obesity.

The United States is have a top obesity rates in the World, as according to the 2019 World Food Security Index report, six Arab countries came out of the top ten countries with the highest rates of obesity in the world.

Causes and effects of Obesity Essay 2020

The causes and harms of obesity vary and are due to many factors, including hereditary, psychological and social, including some that belong to the same lifestyle that a person lives. Regarding the causes, we can talk about the following reasons

Genetic causes

These causes are not always responsible for obesity, but they may be in some cases, where parents inherit their children some genes and fat cells that are in excess of the normal rate that increases insulin secretion in the body, and thus leads to the accumulation of fat. Some children also eat large quantities of food, taking this habit from their parents.

Although not necessarily if one of the parents or relatives suffers from obesity, this means that the son will also suffer from it, but he is more likely to suffer from it than others who do not have relatives suffering from obesity.

Personal reasons

These reasons relate to the lifestyle of the person and some of his habits, especially those related to food and eating. Some people are predisposed to fatty foods rich in fats, cholesterol and sugar, such as sweets and fast food.

Others eat large quantities of food in the main meals, and some eat a type of small meal such as sweets and some sandwiches between the main meals.

Laziness, lethargy, and lack of movement lead to the accumulation of fat in the body and the non-consumption of calories we get from food, and thus convert it to accumulated fat in the body. All of these behaviors lead to an increase in body weight beyond the normal limit.

other reasons

Some reasons may lead to high body weight to the extent of obesity and possibly excessive obesity, such as the poor psychological state of the person that may pay him to eat large quantities of foods more than the normal amount in the normal state, and this is accompanied by the poor psychological state of the lack of movement where the person abides for a long time and avoids Any type of work that leads to a significant increase in weight due to the large number of calories it deals with and its non-consumption in movement and other activities.

In addition to some work and jobs that do not require exerting much effort, such as work performed via the Internet from home, these works are an aid to obesity, as they do not need muscle effort or even walking to the workplace, so the person does not consume a lot of calories but rather accumulates in the body on Fat form.

Obesity Effects

As for the damages and effects of obesity, they are many and many, and most of them are dangerous. Therefore, obesity is sometimes described as fatal.

Where obesity causes high blood pressure due to the increase in the secretion of the hormone insulin responsible for high blood pressure, and consequently atherosclerosis and the resulting increased risk of stroke or heart attack.
Heart disease, stroke, and strokes are often considered obesity and overweight.

Bone and joint diseases, especially those where the body rests, where they have a lot of pressure due to excess weight. In addition to lower back and spine pain.

Heavy weight people often suffer from difficulty breathing, especially during sleep, which leads to severe headache as a result of a lack of oxygen in the blood, in addition to the high volume of snoring due to what happens in the lungs of the shortness.

Many Resurge Reviews studies confirm that there is a relationship between type 2 diabetes and obesity. The higher the size of the cell, as is the case in obesity, the lower the levels of what is known as insulin receptors in this cell, and thus the high level of glucose (sugar) in the blood.

Increased levels of fat in the body may lead to the leakage of these fats to the liver and thus the injury known as cirrhosis.

These people are able to do a lot of activities due to their extra weight that makes them weary quickly.
The complications of obesity exceed the health effects to the economic effects, such as the rate of employment, where many companies are concerned with the general appearance of their employees and thus refuse to employ those who are overweight.

Other influences related to costs, as it is difficult for people with extra weight to carry out many tasks, which compels them to employ those who carry out these tasks, and this constitutes an increase in the financial burden on them.

In addition to the medical costs and the need for overweight people to constantly check with the doctors and bear the expenses of many of the drugs that they were indispensable without their obesity
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Top tips for reducing obesity

After we got to know the causes and effects of obesity essay 2020 and the price that is imposed on a person, whether from his health or from his pocket, you definitely have a desire to limit your weight gain or decrease in case you suffer from obesity, so this is a set of important tips that help people reduce obesity and excessive weight.

Avoid snacks between the main meals, and in case you feel hungry, it is necessary to recommend some fruits and vegetables, especially those rich in fiber such as lettuce and cucumber.

Avoid eating foods while watching TV or surfing the Internet, as this increases the amount of food you eat, according to studies.

Dietitians are usually advised to eat in small plates, as this usually helps you eat less than usual.
Avoid ready-made foods and fast food because they contain a large amount of fat and calories. This is a group of foods that help burn fat.

Attention to eating breakfast and focus on making this meal rich in protein, because people who do not eat breakfast eat more food at lunch, and therefore it does not help to lose weight or reduce obesity.

Try to avoid high-fat foods like oil-fried foods that are high in cholesterol and replace them with foods high in fiber.

Commitment to exercise sports activities alone or within a group, as this will facilitate you commitment to practice, especially if you are one of the people whose work does not require much effort as this leads to the accumulation of fat in the body so it is necessary to exercise to reduce the accumulation of fat and burn more calories.

By this, we will be familiar with the causes and effects of obesity 2020, and the most prominent tips and steps that help us reduce obesity and lose weight fast with Resurge Supplement. If you have experience with that, let us know about it in the comments, so someone else can benefit from it.